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The primary role of the School of Paediatrics is to ensure that all trainees are receiving high quality training. We therefore need to collect evidence that this is indeed happening.


Both the Oxford Deanery and School of Paediatrics have Quality Policies and a Quality Management framework. Fundamental to the Deanery’s quality management system will be local quality control. Training providers (Schools and local Trusts) will self-assess against GMC Standards. The information derived from self assessments will be triangulated against evidence from other sources, principally national and local trainee survey results, other forms of trainee feedback, performance in national assessments and the findings of visits to training providers undertaken by Schools and the Dean. This information will be collated in reports prepared by the Head of School and then presented annually to a Deanery Approval Committee. Heads of School reports will form a key part of the Deanery Annual Report to the GMC.


The School of Paediatrics quality management document can be found in the attached link.  It aims to summarise the evidence for excellence of training provided that will be collected and evaluated by the School. In order to ensure externality in the processes of the School, the Board includes a lay representative as well as a representative of Trust management, and ARCPs and recruitment also include lay representation as well as external representatives.




School Visits

The School will undertake a routine visit to each of the the Trusts in the Deanery once every three years.  If there are particular issues additional visits may be arranged. The routine visit that occurred in 2015 was at the Oxford.

Visits planned for 2016 include MKH and MKH community.





Deanery Approval Committee Reports

Following review of all the evidence, including the Head of School report and the results of the GMC trainee and trainer surveys, the Deanery Approval Committee interviews the Head of School with lay and external representation. At this committee, the training approval for each of the posts in the Deanery for the following year is agreed.

Each year a report is produced following this committee meeting, and letters are written to the Medical Director in each Trust with details of the grading of approval together with any actions to be undertaken.


The reports can be obtained from the Head of School on request.

Ensuring Quality in Training