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Social Media and your role as a doctor!

Please be careful about your use of social media.  The RCPCH has endorsed the GMC and BMA documents and advise on this.  Please take note for your safety.Double click to insert body text here...


What Safeguarding Training do I need?

This has been confusing because of the terminology used.  Essentially those in Level 1 training need to complete Level 1 and 2 training as defined in the Intercollegiate guidance (Document below).  Level 2 trainees (ST 4 and 5) should complete level 3 training as defined in the Intercollegiate document.  Level 3 trainees (ST 6/7 &8) should consider adding to their level 3 training additional competencies as defined in the Intercollegiate Document.


Important Dates for the Summer ARCPs

25th / 26th June Electronic Portfolio reviews

8th / 9th July Face to Face ARCPs

This means that you should be organising to meet with your clinical / educational supervisor in mid to late May.

All documentation needs to be complete (including your Form R at the Deanery) by the 11th June.


Workplace Based Assessment

You will all be aware that from Sept 2013 the assessment tools have been modified.  Please check with RCPCH website and messages on your e portfolio account.  Please also ensure that you are completing your assessments throughout the year.  See ARCP pages.


Important Information regarding Revalidation

There is a new form for completion at ARCP time to cover revalidation issues.  I have included information from the deanery about this.  PLEASE READ IT NOW.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Paediatric School Presentation Afternoon

Many thanks to the trainees committee (and Dr Sandra Duncan specifically) for your work in preparing and hosting the presentation afternoon that I was unable to attend.

Congratulations to all presenters and those who won the prizes.


Educator Appointments

Congratulations and thanks to Dr Rhiannon Furr who will be our regional simulation champion.  Rhiannon has spent considerable time during her training in developing and working in simulation theory and practically.  Please contact her in Oxford if you would would like to become more involved in simulation or need advise about running sessions.  Most DGHs also have a consultant with specific interest in simulation.

Congratulations also to Dr Lazarus Anguvaa who been appointed as Clinical tutor in Milton Keynes and Dr Balagi Surayananayanan who has also started in Reading.  Dr Anguvaa takes over from Dr Ramanathan, who has held the tutor role at MKH for many years.  I'm sure you would join me in thanking him for all the time he has given to support education and training there.



The school is currently experiencing unprecedented levels of maternity leave within the registrar grades.  This will impact significantly upon your workplace because there will be gaps everywhere and I understand this effects the training offered.  You will be aware that this is a national issue however our own deanery has not experienced this level before.  I need to inform you that OOP approval will be significantly limited and only exceptional cases will be allowed.

We are recruiting additional registrars when possible.

I suspect this will effect your experiences over the next 6-8 months and apologise.  I hope that we will be able to return to more normal levels by Sept 2015.

In the meantime if any of you who work  0.6 wish to increase to 0.8 this would help.  Please contact Mairi Hlls.


Feedback from ARCP panels to Trainees / Trainers

PDP objectives need to be SMART to be used correctly, and don't put too many objectives each year!


2023 Challenge is now open on the Deanery website - If you have an innovation that you wish to develop / champion please look at details on the website.




Dr Emma Roche who won the Tim David Prize at the RSM for her presentation on Wilms Tumour

Also thanks to all the presenters and poster authors for the annual school day on Friday 12th June; and well done to the prize winners (Dr Jenny Turnbull and Dr Rachel Weerasinghe)


ARCPs Summer 2016

As we all know the introduction of the new E portfolio has been erratic.

I'm sure that you are all getting used to its functions.  The college is constantly updating its guidance.


Please note that as a result of the changes and the unfamiliarity of data retrieval, this summer ARCP panels will concentrate particularly on - The educational & clinical supervisors report; The WBAs (in particular the MSF); Evidence of governance activity in the library; Evidence of mandatory courses / examinations in the library (APLS / NLS / Safeguarding / MRCPCH).  An up to date CV should be visible for the panel in order to clarify your dates in and out of programme and your current exam status.

YOU should be organising dates now to meet your clinical & educational supervisor


Thank You & Congratulations

The School Presentation day went ahead on the 29th June.

The standard of presentation and posters was extremely high and the school would like to thank all partcipants and organisers.


Volunteers required to organise next years event