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If you are pregnant then please read the Policy Document below very carefully.


Please remember to let your Training Programme Director know at the earliest opportunity that you will be taking maternity leave as this will have an impact on the training programme.

In order to ensure that your training needs are met, please complete an Absence from Training form with your Educational Supervisor before you leave on maternity leave. This needs to be sent then to the Training Programme Director for your grade and a copy left with the Educational Supervisor who will remain the same while you are away from the programme.

It is essential that you complete a Return to Training form with your Oxford Educational Supervisor before you return to the programme so that any extra training and support needs can be identified. This needs to be returned to the relevant Training Programme Director. A period of skill refreshment and updating may be necessary for trainees who undertake significant periods away from training. This is at the discretion of the Program Director and the Postgraduate Dean.


Please also note the rules regarding maternity leave payments, this may need to be discussed with your trust HR dept before you leave.


Revalidation and Maternity Leave

CCT dates will be amended to take into account maternity leave.  The Deanery of equivalent can request to the GMC that we align the revalidation date to the revised CCT date (this does not need to be done until the trainee has returned from maternity leave).  Should the GMC decline this request, the deanery can simply ‘defer’ any recommendation to allow you time to return to clinical practice.



Pregnancy & Maternity Leave

Pregnancy and Maternity Leave

Absence from Practice Form Return to Practice Form