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The ARCP is an assessment of the evidence that you are progressing and achieving all your necessary skills & competences at the expected rate.

The evidence for this will all need to be available on the e-portfolio, and therefore everyone needs to become familiar with what is required for your ARCP.  The ARCP panel, who evaluate the evidence, is made up of Educational Supervisors, Training Programme Directors, External, Deanery and Lay representatives. It is the panels job to look objectively at all the evidence presented.  This linked document should help you organise yourself appropriately.

The second function of ARCP panels is to review a revalidation recommendation EVERY YEAR.  Please read the attached which has recently been sent out by the Deanery.


ARCP - Information for Trainees

Information for Trainees

You should be aware of whether you are likely to be having an ARCP.  Generally this will be an annual process with the ARCP panels meeting in either january or the summer (June or July).  Dates will be posted on the website.  If you have not heard from the Deanery but you think you need an ARCP please contact the paediatric administrator as soon as possible.

You must arrange to meet with your clinical supervisor and educational supervisor (in that order) at least 3 weeks in advance of the ARCP.  Ensure your e portfolio is complete and up to date before you meet them.


What will your Educational supervisor expect?

        Evidence of having completed or working towards completion of your PDP (which should contain objectives that are 'SMART'.

        Completion of a clinical supervisor form.

        Completion of appropriate numbers of WBA / SLEs; spread appropriately throughout the year, in general we would expect at least 60% to be completed before March (for the Summer ARCPs).  Please note that you should aim to complete your TOTAL annual WBA/SLE numbers by the time of your ARCP.  See section on assessments for further details.

        Evidence of reflection on your e portfolio and appropriate engagement with your developmental log

        Some clinical questions dealt with in a rigorous way

        Working through your curriculum at the required pace, with linked evidence for the majority

        An organised personal library which should have a series of subfolders containing relevant information.

        In addition trainees completing level 1 training who will be entering middle grade rotas need to complete the following form with their educational supervisor.





In addition your supervisor will also ask you about any issues that may effect your revalidation (i.e. SUIs / Complaints etc), and you need to ensure a paper Form R with additional revalidation paperwork is with the Deanery at least 2 weeks before your ARCP.



Those trainees on time Out of Programme (OOP) should check the linked document for evidence they should provide prior to ARCP.





Readiness for Middle Grade Working